TUNA Architecture - Brooklyn

Brooklyn, New York, US


TUNA Architecture
1374 Dean Street
Brooklyn 11216
New York Brooklyn


Telephone 7138510791
County Kings


TUNA is a full service architecture and design company based in NYC.

TUNA is a practice as project. The work shown here in not an end but a means towards defining TUNA as a brand. The realities of a small architecture practice are such that the type and source of work is unpredictable and, indeed, we are more defined by the work itself than our own definitions. With that acknowledgement, TUNA utilizes intuition and experimentation, with the anticipation that a body of work will emerge which reflects what exactly TUNA is. Thus also, the name “TUNA” itself which has no real source of inspiration other than feeling appropriate to our type of work. TUNA is content not “knowing” but rather “pursuing”, and whatever circumstances may have brought you here may be what makes a project happen.
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Chris Gardner
Chris Gardner