Our Mission

Archeter.com (formal Architecture Radio & Archop) exists to serve the community of designers, activists and laymen who strive to effect positive change through the design and stewardship of the built environment. Our mission is to increase public awareness of the role of Design in the social, economic and environmental well-being of our communities, to facilitate learning and discussion about the pressing issues of the built environment, and to empower organizations and individuals alike to collaborate and share knowledge effectively in support of this cause.

Archeter is a design education and learning technology leadership organization. We provide support to non-profit, educational, professional and grass-roots organizations through services that assist them in producing and delivering public and professional education programs via the Internet. Designers, students and laymen benefit by gaining direct access to a wide range of effective learning materials on subjects that are relevant to issues affecting the built environment today.

Our unique combination of educational partnership programs and technology based services enables us to multiply the effectiveness of existing education programs while building a valuable resource for future education and research.


Archeter's primary focus is on facilitating the publication and use of audio/video recordings of educational presentations on Architecture and related subject matter. We work by partnering with schools, non-profits, professional organizations and grass-roots groups to assist them in recording and publishing their educational presentations online. Archeter provides recording services, technical guidance and support, video digitizing, audio/video hosting and promotional services when or where required. Recordings are published to the Archeter web site where they are available for viewing and download by the public.


Since opening our public web site on April 15, 2004, Archeter.com (Architecture Radio) has made steady progress in its efforts to become a leading channel for public education on Architecture. Regular publication coupled with periodic exposure on design related web sites has resulted in a significant increase in site traffic over the first year of operations.

In June 2005, Architecture Radio set an organizational record of 2860 hours of audio and video recordings delivered to viewers in thirty-four countries around the world in one month – the equivalent of having 2860 people watch a one hour lecture.

Over the past year Architecture Radio (Archeter) has developed relationships with the American Institute of Architects (AIA) National organization, AIA San Francisco Chapter, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Boston Society of Architects/AIA, Southern California Institute of Architecture, ArchVoices, and San Francisco Design Museum to publish recordings of their educational events online. Some of our recent publications include:

  • 2004 AIA San Francisco continuing education seminars on green building, marketing and design advocacy for public projects.
  • 2004 ACADIA/AIA TAP Digital Fabrication Conference. Twenty four video recordings of presentations made by notable academics and practitioners from around the world. Published February, March, April 2005.
  • 2005 AIA San Francisco/SF MOMA spring public lecture series on Design. Premier speakers include Toshiko Mori, Thom Mayne, Hani Rashid. Published May 2005, ongoing.
  • 2005 Boston Society of Architects spring public lecture series. Speakers include John King, George Metzger, Maureen Meister. Published June 2005, ongoing.

Architecture Radio (Archeter.com) has been profiled in a number of national and international magazines and web sites including Architecture Record, Architectural Review, and Archinect.

Two days prior to its first anniversary of operation, Architecture Radio was awarded the 2005 AIA San Francisco Special Achievement Award for New Media.


Archeter is made possible by the generous support provided by the following organizations.