Laser-CutZ - New York City

New York City, New York, US


1670 Sheepshead Bay Road (Brooklyn)
New York City
New York 11235


Telephone (646) 657-2626


Laser-CutZ located in New York (NY, Kings County) specializing in interiors, engineering, interactive design, graphic design, residential, commercial, hospitality, educational, civic, developer, corporate, industrial, health care, design-build, mixed-use and urban planning.

Laser-CutZ provides laser cutting and engraving service for model making and decorations. They also carry 3D printers so models can be printed as solid bodies without need for manual assembly. Company equipment includes: CO2 Lasers, 3D Printers (FDM and SLA), CNC, Large Format Latex printer, Ink Sublimation Printer. In simple terms, weather it is model parts laser cutting, or creative design or construction project signage they can help you out!. Laser-CutZ is architectural support firm with focus on innovation and engineering of both creative and structural products.

Email or call (646) 657-2626 to schedule an appointment! You can find more current information about Laser-CutZ at company website.

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