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Description located in Ventura (California, Ventura County) specializing in landscape, photography, graphic design, furniture design, residential, commercial, hospitality, developer, corporate, health care, mixed-use and urban planning.

Company mobile planters permit you to grow fruits, herbs, vegetables and other plants / trees while they are able to be moved to follow the sun. Imagine to be able to grow berries, fruits, herbs and vegetables all year round. Use your garage, sun porch or other semi enclosed / protected area as a place to start your plants; then, be able to roll your plants outdoors during warm weather; allowing your plants to absorb nutrients and warmth of the sun. After the frost is no longer a threat, the planter can be kept outdoors where the plants can thrive, or until the weather becomes again unfavorable. One is able to move their planter anytime to allow multi-use functions, events, to occur on patios, driveports, tennis courts. One is allowed to perform their activities often or sporadically without the worry of your planter to fail on you. Lends new meaning to the term Garden Party. RollingPlanter offers handsome, commercial grade raised bed planters both on and not on wheels.

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