Architekton - Tempe

Tempe, Arizona, US


464 South Farmer Avenue Suite 101
Arizona 85281


Telephone 480-894-4637


Architekton located in Tempe (Arizona, Maricopa County) specializing in architecture, interiors, urban planning and graphic design.

They continue to refine their design process to better take advantage of the diverse experience and background of everyone involved in their projects. Concurrently, they are striving to discover and reinforce the passion of each of the people they work with —whether it is a search for meaning in design, the desire to serve their community, sharing knowledge and mentoring, or understanding the power of new software applications. Architekton is constantly exploring opportunities and potential for integrated collaborative design based on new technologies and organizational systems.

Email or call 480.894.4637 to schedule an appointment! You can find more current information about Architekton at company website.

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