Orren Pickell Design Group - Chicago

Chicago, Illinois, US


Orren Pickell Design Group
740 W Fulton Street #601
Illinois 60661


Telephone (847) 572-5200


Orren Pickell Design Group located in Chicago (Illinois, Cook County) specializing in architecture, landscape, construction and residential.

As Orren's clientele grew, he enhanced his skills and in a few years he had designed and built his first home, almost exclusively with his own two hands. Thirty five years later, Orren Pickell Building Group is recognized as one of the Midwest's premiere design/build firms, with Orren's vision and personal commitment to each customer at the heart of all they undertake. Orren Pickell's storied career began in college when he started a home painting company to help with tuition and expenses.

Email or call (847) 572-5200 to schedule an appointment! You can find more current information about Orren Pickell Design Group at company website.

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