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Studio NYL Structural Engineers and Facade Design
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Studio NYL Structural Engineers and Facade Design located in Boulder (Colorado, Boulder County) specializing in architecture, engineering, residential, commercial, hospitality, educational, civic, corporate, industrial, health care, design-build and mixed-use.

Founded in 2004 by Christopher [Chris] O'Hara, PE and Julian Lineham, PE, Studio NYL's vision is rooted in the founders' belief that all architectural design can be elevated through the inventive use of structures that enhance rather than limit design. It is this passion for raising design standards through the artful use of structure on every project—whether humble or grandiose in scope—that drives their distinctively poetic approach. Described by the firm's many clients as led by professionals who have mastered their craft, find joy and excitement in it all and achieve what is seemingly unimaginable, Studio NYL has earned a loyal following of local, national and international architects. From their exceptionally detailed execution and vigilant implementation of multiple global technologies to, as one client put it, their wild and crazy exploration of new approaches and ideas, Studio NYL is the best structural partner a progressive architect could engage. Chris' and Julian's innovative ideals for the structural engineering profession grew out of their early diversity of experiences working on both humble and highly visible structures in New York, London and the Middle East. Julian spent the first decade of his career with three of England's renowned structural engineering firms, leading teams on notable projects like Microsoft's prestigious UK headquarters campus, redevelopment of the 12-story historic No. 1 Princes Street structure in the heart of London, and the new British Embassy in Oman. Studio NYL, a Boulder, Colorado-based structural engineering firm known for its exemplary skills, has earned the trust and respect of architects around the world for delivering truly innovative design-led solutions that exceed the conventional.

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