Internship: The Emerging Professionals

The opening session of the conference was designed to enable participants to engage in a healthy dialogue through knowledge. A series of presentations were made on past events such as the 1999 Internship Summit and 2002 Internship Summit and recent surveys such as the 2005 Internship & Career Survey. A highlight of this session was Internship: The Emerging Professionals' Perspective where the students, interns and young architects were asked to share their perspectives on internship today.


The second session of the conference began with a series of presentations from an educator and two practitioners innovation in the integration of education and practice. The group then engaged in an extended discussion stimulated by fresh ideas for the architecture profession. Working groups were encouraged to develop and perform skits about the intern/supervisor relationship.


Opening Comments: Ken Schwartz, FAIA 08:00
Internship: The Emerging Professionals' Perspective 18:01
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Case Studies in Innovation: Jane Weinzapfel, FAIA 20:09
Afternoon Discussion 10:13
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Ken Schwartz, FAIA
Jane Weinzapfel, FAIA
The second day began with an enlightening presentation by Dr. Ed Zalneratis on the medical internship model. The participants were encouraged to use the information shared by Dr. Z in their group work later that day. The Emerging Professionals group presented a series of independent recommendations directly from the students, interns and young architects at the conference. Finally, the working groups presented their ideas for designing tomorrow's architect.


On the last morning of the conference, representatives of the five collateral organizations held a press conference to share their insights as to the conference proceedings. The full and unedited statements made by the representatives is shared here. You may also wish to read the official press release which summarizes the outcomes of the conference.


Lessons Learned from the Medical Internship Model: Dr. Zalneratis 31:15
Emerging Professionals' Recommendations 04:58
Integrated Paradigm: The Teaching Firm 06:11
Applying Our Values 08:13
IDP and Three Track Plan 04:08
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5P's Press Conference, Introduction 00:41
5P's Press Conference, NCARB 08:04
5P's Press Conference, NAAB 03:37
5P's Press Conference, AIAS 07:01
5P's Press Conference, AIA 09:06
5P's Press Conference, ACSA 06:17
Conference Wrap Up: Ken Schwartz, FAIA 02:57
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Dr. Edwin Zalneratis
Frank Guillot, FAIA

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