What type of buildings are made of steel?

Steel structures play a key role in today's industrial construction. They are widely used due to their numerous advantages, such as strength, durability, flexibility, and low costs. In this article, we will examine various types of steel structures and their applications in different types of buildings.

steel structure


Characteristics of steel structures

Steel structures in industrial construction are mainly made of cold-formed or hot-rolled profiles. They consist of elements such as columns, beams, purlins, and bracing. They are characterized by lightweight construction while providing high strength. All structural elements are also protected against corrosion, making the structures resistant to external factors in various weather conditions. Thanks to modern technological solutions, steel structures are not only durable but also aesthetically pleasing.


Advantages of steel structures

Steel structures have many advantages that make them a popular choice in industrial construction. Primarily, they are flexible and enable fast project implementation. The construction costs of steel structures are also usually lower compared to traditional masonry buildings. Additionally, steel structures allow for customization of the building's space to individual requirements and business activities. The modular construction of steel structures also enables easy modifications and expansions of buildings in the future.

Another important aspect is the large span of steel structures, which allows for maximum utilization of space without the need for internal supports. Steel structures are also easy to dismantle and relocate if necessary. The aesthetic appearance of steel structures adds additional value for many investors.


Application of steel structures

Steel structures find application in various types of building projects. The most popular among them are industrial steel halls, which can be used as warehouses, production halls, commercial spaces, agricultural buildings, workshops, hangars, event halls, and many others. Steel structures are also used as the foundation for constructing large roofs. Furthermore, steel structures are used in tent halls, especially those intended for long-term use.


Application of steel structures in industrial construction

In industrial construction, steel structures are widely used due to their unique properties. Primarily, they are extremely strong and resistant to loads. Steel is a material that provides stability and durability to structures. As a result, buildings constructed using steel structures are safe and reliable.

Many specialists believe that designing steel structures is a key element in the construction process. Steel structures must be designed in a way that considers all technical and functional requirements. Expert knowledge and experience are necessary to create steel structures that meet all standards and regulations.


Designing steel structures at KOBEX Design Office

Steel structures play a crucial role in today's industrial construction. They are not only durable and long-lasting but also flexible and economical. With various types of steel structures, it is possible to tailor buildings to individual needs and requirements.

The process of designing steel structures tailored to the investor's needs is also of great importance. Such activities should be entrusted to specialists to ensure the safety and durability of buildings and maximum work efficiency. If you are interested in an individual steel structure project, contact KOBEX Design Office, which will develop the perfect solution based on the received guidelines.